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Tornadoes have occurred in northern Georgia including Cherokee County during every month of the year. Two times during each year, the number of tornadoes reported increases.

When is Cherokee County's Tornado Season?

The Deadly Spring Season, from February through April is characterized by more powerful tornadoes because of the presence of the jet stream. When the jet stream digs south into the southeastern United States and is accompanied by a strong cold front and a strong squall line of thunderstorms, the jet stream's high-level winds of 100 to 200 mph often strengthen a thunderstorm into what meteorologists call a supercell or mesocyclone. These powerful storms can move at speeds of 30 to 50 mph, produce dangerous downburst winds, large hail, and the most deadly tornadoes.

During the fall, October-Mid December, tornado activity once again increases as strong cold fronts bring in the winter season.

What time of day do tornadoes occur?

Tornadoes can occur at any time of the day or night. Most often, they occur in the afternoon and evening, however, many tornadoes do occur at night and these night time tornadoes have proven to be deadly. At night tornadoes are hard to see and most often resident doesn't get the warning because they are asleep.

What does a Tornado Watch mean?

TORNADO WATCH means conditions are favorable for severe weather including tornadoes.

What does a Tornado Warning mean?

A TORNADO WARNING means severe weather is occurring or has been detected by radar. These warnings are issued with information concerning where the tornado is presently located and what communities are in the anticipated path of the tornado.

Are you ready?
  • Have a way to get the warning 24 hours a day. NOAA Weather Radio is the best way to receive this warning around the clock.

  • Have a family tornado plan that includes identifying a safe room in your home. It should be on the lowest level of your home, a basement is best. If you have no basement go to the center of the house, if possible a small room with no windows. Put as many walls between you and the tornado as possible.​


  • If you live in a mobile home get out! There is no safe place to seek shelter inside a mobile home. Go to a substantial structure and lie flat in a ditch covering your head.

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